The Team

The Team

The management Team is a closely structured with the directors Dhirubhai and Shirishbhai leading from the top as well as in the operations.

Shirish Patel -Production Technology and R & D

Mr. Shirish Patel

Production, Technology and R & D

Mr. Shirish Patel overseas the Production Technology and R & D activities. Production being the critical of all the three most of his time is spent on controlling and managing the Shop Floor. He trains and guides his team of engineers and front line staff to maintain quality standards of the highest level. Being an excellent motivator, he is successful in drawing out high capacity output on the shop floor.

B. R. Ramani -Finance and Accounts

Mr. B. R. Ramani

Finance and Accounts

Mr B. R. Ramani, a long time confidant of the Management heads the crucial Finance and Accounts division. He has been with the company since a very long time and has vital experience to see to the company’s Finance.